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Dr. Ragini Parekh


  1. Diagnose and treat various disorders both elective and emergencies
  2. Manage ophthalmic conditions, taking into account both Medical and Psychological aspects of patients care.
  3. Perform necessary diagnostic procedures and clinical tests. Interpret results, determine treatment plan, and discuss with patient. Collaborate with other specialists, including diabetologists, Neurologists, ENT and Maxillofacial surgeons, Pediatricians etc.
  4. Coordinate preoperative evaluation. Perform local anesthesia and surgical procedures. carry out surgical procedures and direct nurses in procedures for preoperative and postoperative care and in operating room techniques.
  5. Manage ophthalmological services. Formulate plans and procedures for ophthalmological services.
  6. Documents cases prepare and preserve medical records in order to refer cases in the future.
  7. Perform administrative work such as managing day to day office supplies and patient appointments. Advise on kind and quantity of ophthalmological supplies and equipment.
  8. Coordinate ophthalmological services with other medical activities. Instruct inters and Residents in Ophthalmological procedures. Serve as consultant in Ophthalmology.
Dr. J B Bhawani
Dr. J B Bhawani

Superintendent St. Georges Hospital, , Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, Grant Government Medical College